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[NEWS UPDATE: April 08, 2011] 

Out today: TOO TIRED TO CONSUME. This Digital-EP again features groundbreaking rhythms and powerful EBM basslines which prove that [de:ad:cibel] aka "The German Bass Machine" are on top of the industrial electronic front. Available on iTunes, and other download platforms.

[NEWS UPDATE: February 04, 2011] 

Out now: The "(AE)quilibrium Compilation Vol. 2" who contains the [de:ad:cibel] song "Jerusalem Syndrom". Other artists: ALIEN VAMPIRES, FREAKANGEL, MINUSHEART and PSYBORG CORP. Released by MUTANT-E Records (Spain).

[NEWS UPDATE: January 28, 2011] 

Out now: ELECTRONIC BODY MATRIX 1. I am proud to announce that the [de:ad:cibel] song "Too tired to consume" is part of the new Electronic Body Matrix Compilation by Alfa Matrix. The first volume of this new compilation series will be qualified as the ultimate anthology of the Electro-Industrial scene, including FRONT 242, NITZER EBB, COVENANT, COMBICHRIST, SUICIDE COMMANDO, LEAETHER STRIP, MENTALLO & THE FIXER and FADERHEAD.

[January 05, 2011]
Check out the new DISKARNATE band profile at ReverbNation. Diskarnate album "Greed" is under development!

[December 08, 2010]
Check out the latest issue (#39) of Germany's popular BODYSTYLER print magazine. This special winter edition has a lot of interviews and reviews: besides reports about Alphaville, Combichrist, Covenant, Depeche Mode, Funker Vogt, Minerve and Yello you will also find an detailed 4 page interview with [de:ad:cibel].

[December 05, 2010]
The [de:ad:cibel] song "Jerusalem Syndrom" enters the German Electronic Webcharts on Position 7! It is taken from the currently released "Jerusalem Syndrom/Human product" EP. Furthermore I am proud to announce that [de:ad:cibel] is part of the NACHTAKTIV CD/DVD-COMPILATION 11/12-2010 - also represented with the song "Jerusalem Syndrom (Atheist Mix)".

[December 01, 2010]
I am proud to announce that the [de:ad:cibel] song "Too tired to consume" (taken from the Album KLONDIKE) was just released on the GOTHIC COMPILATION 49.

[November 25, 2010]
Out now: Gothic Visions II DVD/CD-Compilation what contains the [de:ad:cibel] song "Nobody hurts me like I do".

[November 05, 2010]
Out now: [de:ad:cibel] Digital-E.P. "Jerusalem Syndrom / Human product" with some special remixes by "E-Thik", "Fabious Corpus Act" and "davaNtage"! You can get the E.P. at all usual download portals.

[October 27, 2010]
Please check out the excellent review of the [de:ad:cibel] album KLONDIKE in LEGACY print magazine. We've got 14/15 points.

[October 17, 2010]
The [de:ad:cibel] album KLONDIKE enters German Electronic Webcharts on Position 7!

[October 16, 2010]

Please check out the [de:ad:cibel] interview in GOTHIC magazine! Issue 69 (Herbstausgabe), Page 121.

[October 03, 2010]
844 song plays on the [de:ad:cibel] MySpace site today. Thanks for your huge interest!

[October 01, 2010]
OFFICIALLY OUT NOW: [de:ad:cibel] debut album KLONDIKE!

[September 21, 2010]
Please check out the [de:ad:cibel] interview in SONIC SEDUCER magazine! Issue October 2010, Page 69. You will also find the "Offroad Mix" of our song "Architecture" on the included Audio-CD.

[September 20, 2010]
The [de:ad:cibel] song "Jerusalem Syndrom" found it's way to the "Nachtaktiv - Gothisch zusammengewürfelte Soundfiles 1" compilation.

[September 19, 2010]
Please check out the [de:ad:cibel] interview in ZILLO magazine! Issue October 2010, Page 127.

[September 17, 2010]
Just finished a [de:ad:cibel] remix of the "ElectroWeltTheme" for the online music magazine.

[September 04, 2010]
30,000 profile views and 10,000 friends on the [de:ad:cibel] MySpace site now!

[August 06, 2010]

Exclusive presale of the [de:ad:cibel] debut album "KLONDIKE" starts today! Even though the [de:ad:cibel] debut album "KLONDIKE" will be officially released at October 1, 2010, we can offer you an exclusive supply of presale CDs right now. To get a copy you just need to send a short email with the subject "Klondike" to and you will get more information about ordering and form of payment. The cost of the album is 12 Euros plus shipping (so please include address for postage calculation). You can expect a fast shipping. Autographed by request!

After the strong self-released "One of 47/Architecture" Limited Edition EP, which charted for 8 weeks among the Top 10 in the German Electronic Webcharts, the album "KLONDIKE" is a seamless tie-in to the former release with 13 uncompromising songs, which balance skillfully between hard club sound ("Jerusalem Syndrom"), Industrial-Noise ("Monster Train") and floating Electro/Future-Pop ("One of 47"). Sweaty and club-capable on one hand as well as reflective and profound on the other. An album that invites you to dance, and to listen in!

[July 26, 2010]

[de:ad:cibel] is back at the German Electronic Webcharts! "One of 47" has just entered at position 12! So many thanks for your support! Please vote for us again this week. You will find the song "One of 47" on the "One of 47/Architecture" Limited Edition EP. It contains the Extended Version and three powerful remixes. More info at the [de:ad:cibel] band website.

[July 02, 2010]

Out now: DARK ALLURE 2CD Compilation - more than just a sampler from Radio HaZZard of Darkness! On the DARK ALLURE Sampler you will not find another accumulation of common scene bands, songs or remixes. DARK ALLURE is proud to present you bands who are hungry to rough up the scene! [de:ad:cibel] is present with the exclusive "Fastlane Mix" of the song B.I.I.D.!

[June 24, 2010]

[de:ad:cibel]s "Architecture", who already was placed for eight weeks in the German Electronic Webcharts, has now moved up to position 2 of the "Radio HaZZard of Darkness" newcomer listener charts. So many thanks for your support!

[May 28, 2010] 

Due to a lot of inquiries [de:ad:cibel] has released a hardware version of the "One of 47/Architecture" EP today. It will be delievered in a premium metal case and is strongly limited to 300 copies. The EP contains 8 songs - under it 3 exclusive unreleased tracks. Get more information at the [de:ad:cibel] band website.

[May 11, 2010] 

There are several [de:ad:cibel] interviews online now. Please take a look at the homepages of "Goth for Earth" (german language), "Hell-Zone" (german language) and the "Subexistance Online Magazine" (english language). Thanks for your interest!

[May 08, 2010] 

Many thanks for supporting the [de:ad:cibel] song "Architecture" in the German Electronic Webcharts. The song must leave the charts after the highest possible 8 weeks now. It was an honor for us to be nominated and represented the entire period!

We are also proud to announce another nomination of "Architecture" in the "Radio Hazzard of Darkness" listener charts now. Please give us your vote in the "Newcomer" category!

[April 10, 2010] 

Thanks for your awesome feedback after the [de:ad:cibel] show in Middelburg (Netherlands) yesterday. We loved rockin' with you. Hope to see you again soon!

[March 17, 2010]

[de:ad:cibel]s "Architecture" has entered the German Electronic Webcharts (GEWC) at position 15! Many thanks for your support! The song was taken from the "One of 47/Architecture" download E.P. 

[February 28, 2010] 

The first official release of [de:ad:cibel] is available now! You can download the "One of 47/Architecure EP" for free from the [de:ad:cibel] homepage. With two original songs, four remixes (among others by People Theatre, Die Braut and Mr. Slow) and a total playing time of more than 27 minutes you will get the "full punch". Grab it now! The first [de:ad:cibel] album is also nearly finished and will be released in fall 2010. Also watch out for the forthcoming [de:ad:cibel] live gigs!

[February 26, 2010] 

Out now: Endzeit Bunkertracks 5 Compilation with [de:ad:cibel]s "One of 47" and many other awesome tracks from great artists like SUICIDE COMMANDO, AMGOD, ARMAGEDDON DILDOS, COMBICHRIST, LEAETHER STRIP, MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT, DAS ICH and FEINDFLUG. Get your copy soon!

[January 12, 2010] 

The first [de:ad:cibel] release is ready to go: "One of 47" will be released on the forthcoming Endzeit Bunkertracks 5 Compilation (available worldwide). We are also working on the "One of 47 E.P." with additional remixes. More information to come soon!

[December 02, 2009] 

Today the starting signal was given for my new electro/industrial project with vocalist Daniel Galda (former band member of "kAlte fArben" and "Das Ich"). The new band is called [de:ad:cibel] and surely will make your ass move! Get the latest news on the [de:ad:cibel] Myspace Site.

[November 20, 2009] 

Another collaboration work with Carlos Perón is out now! On the Album "Peronismo Para Ti!" you will find the songs "Drive the Maniac" and "Totalis" from the Inca Hunters project. Order a copy at your CD store or all essential download shops.

[August 25, 2009] 

Thanks for the stunning feedback after the Skorbut shows in Russia! We loved rockin' with you crowd! So much fun. Hugs to all our fans in Russia!

[August 06, 2009] 

Watch out for the upcoming live shows with Skorbut in Russia:

08.21.2009 SKORBUT with M. Draw (Otto Dix) in Moscow
08.22.2009 SKORBUT with M. Draw (Otto Dix) in St. Petersburg

We're really looking forward to party with you at this event.

[April 29, 2009] 

Again busy with writing songs for Diskarnate. I can promise you: a lot of awesome stuff. Guaranteed!

The next live gig with Skorbut is the "Elektronische Nacht" in Zweibrücken (Germany) at 06-10-2009 together with Psyche and Glenn Love. Hope to see you all there!

[February 18, 2009] 

Just busy with composing new songs for Skorbut. You can listen to the new stuff and see me live with Skorbut at the Elekktroshokk-Festival in Adelsheim (Germany) at 04-18-2009. We are looking forward to see you!

[February 16, 2009] 

Can't get enough of "Phantom Pain"? An E.P. with the original song and 5 remixes from well known electro bands will be out at April 2009. You will get more information about the "Phantom Pain e.p." soon at Sonic-X. Please note that the CD will be delivered in limited numbers, so better get it fast! Of course the E.P. will also be available at all essential download shops.

[February 13, 2009] 

The Skorbut club smasher "Phantom Pain" (written by me) is out now on the 4th Volume of the legendary "Endzeit Bunkertracks Compilation"! More information about the release can be found here.

[December 16, 2008] 

Just recording vocals for our new band project Diskarnate with the electronic genius of Jack Andrews and the amazing voice of Susan Anway.

[November 14, 2008] 

Another great collaboration album between Carlos Perón and me is available now. The download album "Seelendaemmerung" contains five atmospheric tracks under classical influence. Very personal! Please order now at iTunes or the Webstore.

Also out now is the long awaited album of the Inca Hunters project. This collaboration is the digital dream of Boris Black and Yello-founder Carlos Perón and brings very progressive goa/industrial sound to you. Too hot! You can download it now at iTunes, or the Webstore.

[September 05, 2008]

The Double CD Compilation "Cryonica Tanz v.5" is finally out now. Please order at Cryonica Music Webstore.

[May 26, 2008]

The Skorbut club smasher "Phantom Pain" will be out soon at the 5th Volume of Cryonica Music's double CD Compilation. This new volume has taken months to compile and includes plenty of exclusive and previously unreleased material. CRYONICA TANZ v.5 is going through several genres including Electro, Industrial, Darkwave and Synth Pop. To pre-order go to the Cryonica Music Webstore.

[February 22, 2008]

Enjoy more Boris Black sound on Carlos Perón releases: "Carlos Perón talks to the nations" contains the collaboration songs "Motorman", "Seelendaemmerung (zweites Kapitel)" and "Warning (Why can bodies fly)". Hot stuff!

[February 14, 2008]

"Phantom Pain" went from 0 to number 1 on the ebm-radio listenercharts. As a fact, the song was only advertised by the Skorbut MySpace page. New material of Skorbut is in progress. Stay tuned!

[December 14, 2007]

Even now completed the work on three new Skorbut songs. They will be heard at the live concert of Skorbut on 12-22-2007 in Minsk, Belarus.

[August 22, 2007]

Just finished a remix of "Consciousness" co-authored with the international award-winning artist and composer Jack Andrews. Jack Andrews has done book cover art for well known authors who write in the alternative archeology/mysterious and paranormal realm. He also does 3D video-animations, along with DVD authoring. He is listed in "Art Who's Who in the World". Visit the homepage of Jack Andrews Art and his MySpace music site.

[May 10, 2007]

The brute "Urban Techno Mix" of Skorbut´s club-smasher "9 Lives Later" is out now on Dark Spy-Compilation Vol. 11. Warning: It will burn the dancefloor!

[April 06, 2007]

Out now: The new Skorbut-Album "Firewall" who contains the songs "Getting colder" (written by me) and "Fragments" (remixed by me). "Firewall" is the third studio album of the german industrial-band and by far the most sophisticated and danceable release to date. Additionally, the "9 Lives Later" video and several pictures are on the CD as a data track.

[February 16, 2007]

The third studio album "Firewall" of the famous german industrial band "Skorbut" will be out on April, 6th. The foretaste EP "9 Lives Later" can be downloaded from the Skorbut Homepage and contains a genius videoclip from the titlesong as well as the explosive "Urban Techno Mix" by "Boris Black". 

[August 11, 2006]

Enjoy more "Boris Black" stuff on two Carlos Perón releases:

"La Salle Violette, Part 1 & 2" contains - for the first time - both parts of the "La Salle Violette" series. "Partie Deux" was originally composed 2003 in cooperation with Yello-founder Carlos Perón and is now re-released in a completely remastered version.

On the "Impersonator II" Bonus CD you will find an atmospheric live improvisation called "Dead at the Village Vangard" which I performed with Carlos in 2004. The amazing "Impersonator II" album was originally released in 1988 and is now available in a remastered version.

[March 31, 2006]

Out now: The CD-Album "Gold for Iron" from Carlos Perón, who contains the Bonus-CD "The Motorman Remixes" with four powerful mixes by "Boris Black". Hot stuff!

[January 07, 2005]

Just finished the production of some very innovative club tracks in cooperation with DJ Koto Kodama. One Song will be released on the forthcoming Skorbut-Album. Stay tuned!

more information:

[June 02, 2004]

Out now: The "Boris Black" Remix from the MadAss TV-Commercial "I wanna ride you" by Dr. Ozz and the Asses! It will rock you!

[May 30, 2004]

Enjoy the third CD-Release from Radio Goethe: "German Bands Vol. III". This double CD includes the song "Totalis" from the new Inca Hunters project. Other artists: Oomph!, In Strict Confidence, The Fair Sex, Eisbrecher and Westernhagen. Notice: Only released in the United States and Canada!

more information:

[February 01, 2004]

Don't miss the Carlos Perón and Inca Hunters-Special at "Radio Goethe". Inca Hunters is the new digital dream project of Boris Black and Yello-founder Carlos Perón. 60 minutes on Air at KUSF San Francisco and WRHO New York today!

more information:

[June 16, 2003]

Former band "Megaherz" changed into the new project "Eisbrecher" with ex-shouter Alex Wesselsky and ex-guitarist/keyboarder Noel Pix. The band just turned a video-clip for Schattenreich (Onyx TV). It will be presented soon by the famous VJ Medusa. The current Maxi-Release "Mein Blut" contains a remix by Boris Black and Carlos Perón called "Neumischung". We promise you: It will burn the dancefloors all over the world!

more information:

[May 19, 2003]

Just finished the remix of the song "Fragments" for the electro/industrial-band "Skorbut". "Skorbut" was founded 1995 by Daniel Galda (Das Ich/kAlte fArben) and Joerg Huettner (Dorsetshire/Relatives Menschsein). The remix will be released on the forthcoming Skorbut-Album. Enjoy!

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[March 10, 2003]

The CD/DVD-Box "Les Salles" is released. This Box contains the CD "La Salle Violette", "part deux", which I composed in cooperation with the famous producer and musician Carlos Perón. The result of the recording is a very spooky and erotic one!

more information: